Spider Web Desktops

Here are a few more desktop wallpapers from photos I took that can be used for Halloween. They were taken early on a really foggy the morning last November when the spider webs were full of dew. My favorite is the one you can see the reflection of the tree upside down in the large dew drop. These webs were not by the same spiders as my previous post, these webs are much smaller, the biggest was maybe a foot in diameter.

dew on spider webdew on spider web
dew drops on spiderwebspider web in fog

Only seven days till Halloween!

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  1. Mary's Gravatar Mary
    June 3, 2008 - 12:37 am | Permalink

    Hi, just searching, via Google, for pictures of spiderwebs after reading ‘The Tao of Physics’ – how findings in modern physics
    mirror ancient Eastern mysticism, and we are all connected.

    Anyway, LOL, I came upon your photos of the webs and just wanted to let you know how fantastic they are – WOW!

    Especially the one with the dew drop mirroring the tree. Will definately be my new computer wallpaper. Thank you soo much.

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