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Free Christmas Gifts for Kids

If you haven’t got around to shopping for gifts for kids at this point you are probably in trouble. Most of the good stuff is probably gone. But there is still some free stuff online that you might be able to get away with. I guess it would be hard to wrap, but face it, […]

Mark Twain Offers Blogging Tips

He has been dead for nearly a century, but Mark Twain knew what it takes to be a good blogger. The Mark Twain Guide to Better Blogging. Surely this article was written mostly as link bait, but that doesn’t mean its any less interesting. Not only is it funny to be getting advice from an […]

More Flickr Fun

Flickr is very addictive. Two of my photos made it to Flickr’s Explorer (top 500 highest interestingness) according to Scout and the one below just got blogged on the We Are the Cat site by Terry Bain. Thanks Terry.

Happy Halloween

Halloween Fonts just in case you need to make any last minute posters in creepy fonts. Ghosts of Halloween is a site for a pretty elaborate yard haunt. It is very impressive, but I am happy with my much smaller one night haunt. He has a really nice grave yard which is a new addition […]

Halloween Links

Extreme Pumpkin Carving De-Paganizing Halloween Dentist taking sweet bite out of Halloween Where Did Halloween Come From? What’s the story behind Halloween? What Halloween is Really About

Halloween Ghost Video

Do You believe in Ghosts? I have never seen a ghost. I don’t know if they really exist or not. But this video shows some really compelling evidence. You really must see this for yourself.

Optical Illusion

Links to John Sadowski’s castle illusion seems to be going around all over the place lately. Not to be left out, I have to post a link as well. Really I just don’t want to forget the address, it is such a cool illusion. In one of my classes last year we covered some of […]

How to Fix a Stuck Pixel

I have no clue how well it works, but WikiHow explains a couple possible ways to fix a stuck pixel on an LCD monitor. I have heard about the video of quickly flashing colors fixing things for some people. But this site suggests something else for when that doesn’t work, you lightly massage the area […]

Late April Fool’s Stuff

Yesterday I posted of my rabbit photo hunt, just in case anyone actually reads my blog, here is the explanation. For the last few years one of my usual April Fool’s pranks is to find a photo on my victim’s desk, scan it, edit it, and replace the original. This year involved a couple bald […]

Bunny Yawning Site

Hunting for rabbit photos for my annual April Fool’s photo editing, I ran across an interesting site archiving photos of yawning bunnies.