Firefox Tip: Paste Multiple Lines in Input Box

If you’ve ever tried copying and pasting more than one line at a time into a text input box on a website you probably noticed it is a pain. You have to copy it one line at a time because only the first line gets pasted. I kept thinking it would be so simple just for Firefox to remove the line endings and insert the whole thing as a single line. Well, it seems I am not the only one who realized this was an incredibly good idea. Lifehacker just blogged the simple Firefox tweak that will solve the problem, you just have to enable change editor.singleLine.pasteNewlines. Check out their page for details.

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    HI, I’m having trouble with my clipboard on Firefox 3 and wondered if you could offer any help. I frequesntly need to copy information from several text boxes and then paste these in various places. However, clipboard in firefox only appears to hold one copied selection at a time and previously copied items are lost. Is there anyway to have the clipboard save multiple entries and then view and paste these in any order you like? Thnaks for any help.

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