Happy Halloween

Halloween Fonts just in case you need to make any last minute posters in creepy fonts.

Ghosts of Halloween is a site for a pretty elaborate yard haunt. It is very impressive, but I am happy with my much smaller one night haunt. He has a really nice grave yard which is a new addition to my yard this year. Maybe I should have visited there before to pick up some tips. Anyway, I did one thing I like better, I left some grass unmowed around the grave markers to make it look a little more unmaintained. I bet the neighbors though we were nuts with a bunch of unmowed spots in the yard.

Spirit Halloween Online Store has a 50% off sale on whatever they have left until midnight tonight so you can stock up for next year cheep. I ordered a few things and I am lucky to have a physical Spirit store located nearby so will be shopping there tomorrow to see if there is anything left worth picking up that I couldn’t get online.

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