Weird Keyboard

I found a great deal on a Lenovo Yoga 710 2-in-1 15.6 inch during Best Buy’s “up to” 50% off Clearance sale on Open Box items. I was happy to find a laptop without a number pad. Other than 2-in-1s, that is getting rare for anything but small laptops.

It wasn’t until I got home that I noticed Lenovo put the up arrow key where any touch typist expects the right shift key to be. I have long fingers yet cannot reach the right shift key without moving my hand. I would hit the up arrow instead of shift if I wasn’t thinking about this unusual keyboard. That not only means I missed the shift, I would then be typing in the wrong place after pressing the up key. Otherwise, it was a great laptop. The touch screen was nice and the hinges seem solid. The laptop is fast and the battery life was really good. If you don’t do much typing or plan to use the touch screen mostly, this could be a great laptop. I thought I could adapt to the odd shift key placement, but I just couldn’t get used to it.

Getting a nice laptop for 50% off made it a hard decision, but I returned it and got a Dell 2-in-1 with nearly the same specs. The Dell was also part of the clearance sale, but ended up costing $200 more due to the “up to” 50% off. I liked the look and hinges better on the Lenovo, but didn’t want to deal with that keyboard.

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