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Lightroom Exports Are Too Dark

I just upgraded to Windows 10 and found Lightroom exported my photo much darker than it appeared inside Lightroom. I first thought this was a problem with color spaces (sRGB vs Adobe RGB, etc.). It turned out Windows 10 had recognized my monitor and installed a Color Profile for more optimal image. But I would […]

Vista Pre-RC1

Microsoft recently released another public beta of Windows Vista so I downloaded it as soon as possible. I just got around to installing it. This isn’t the 64 bit version though like I got last time; I have read that was slow for a lot of people so maybe not releasing another public 64 bit […]

Vista Beta 2

I downloaded the public Windows Vista Beta 2 and gave it a try on my year old Athlon 64 desktop. I thought finally I would get to use my CPU to its full potential. It should be pretty fast. It was not. I am sure it is partly due to a lot of debugging code […]

Emerge Failed

Don’t know exactly what happened, but when I checked on my linux box today hoping the KDE 3.5 compile was finally done, I saw bootup stuff on the screen. Something had caused it to reset (could have something to do with the 100% disk usage). /var/log/emerge.log says I got up to 106 of 277 of […]

Gentoo Upgrade

In my earlier post I talked about all kinds of Operating System stuff. One of those being my Gentoo upgrade. On one hand, upgrading Gentoo is really simple. You just emerge -U world. But then you get the notice at the end that there are some config files that need updating. That is where it […]

OS Ramblings

I don’t use Linux much (I used to use it more than Windows at the labs at school) but rather than just install a pre-setup desktop distro, I decided to go with Gentoo for my own box. I have learned a lot about Linux this way. There is no better way to learn about it […]