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Google Notebook Status Bar Hog

If you use the Google Notebook extension for Firefox, you may notice it takes up a lot more space than necessary. I have a number of other extensions that place icons in the status bar so wasting space with useless text bugs me. It would be nice if Google included an option to hide the […]

My New Notebook

If there is anyone reading my blog, you probably were wondering if I got my new notebook on Monday like predicted. I did. I just have been so busy playing with it I couldn’t find time to post. I really like the battery life. It is amazing compared to what I had before. I guess […]

Shipping from Shanghai

Wow, my computer is finally one the way. I guess Gateway either doesn’t update their order status page very well or they put these things together super fast with little testing. Just yesterday it said my order was still being processed. This morning it was on its way from Shanghai, China and has already arrived […]

Waiting Sucks

It has only been three work days since my laptop order, but what is it still doing in “Order Processing?” The estimated arrival date is June 14. If I ordered a Dell today, the shipping date is June 15 with 3-5 Day Delivery. But with Dell, I know systems usually ship much faster than the […]

Font Matching

I have been doing some more graphic editing. This time placing my cousin’s face in the poster for one of her favorite old movies. To go a bit further, I then started looking for the font used so I could match it and add her name. The first place I tried was Identifont, there you […]

How to Fix a Stuck Pixel

I have no clue how well it works, but WikiHow explains a couple possible ways to fix a stuck pixel on an LCD monitor. I have heard about the video of quickly flashing colors fixing things for some people. But this site suggests something else for when that doesn’t work, you lightly massage the area […]