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Not So Shiny Chrome

When I heard about Google’s Chrome browser yesterday, I was worried for Mozilla. Google is their biggest source of income and if Chrome became popular, there wouldn’t be much use in continuing that relationship. Now that I have tried it, I don’t think Mozilla has much to worry about at least for a few years. […]

Hard Drive Troubles

In the last week I have had several hard drive problems. First was my external USB hard drive got corrupted so none of the thousands of photos over the last several months in the folder for my S5 showed up. Luckily it happened while I was copying them off to my ReadyNAS NV so more […]

Halloween Wallpapers

Halloween is almost here. Time to decorate your computer’s desktop with some Halloween themed wallpapers. I have a number of photos that you can use. I created a Halloween Wallpapers set to hold some of ones that would make the best desktop wallpaper. Here are a few examples: Happy Halloween!!!

Remove Flickr Comment Image Invites

On Flickr, a common thing to do is invite or award images you like to groups you belong to. Some people don’t like these images cluttering up their photo’s comments. I don’t particularly like lots of image invites and awards either, but if you don’t submit your photos to the aggressive award/invite groups you don’t […]

Firefox Tip: Paste Multiple Lines in Input Box

If you’ve ever tried copying and pasting more than one line at a time into a text input box on a website you probably noticed it is a pain. You have to copy it one line at a time because only the first line gets pasted. I kept thinking it would be so simple just […]

Irish Up Your Desktop

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and everyone knows you are supposed to wear green. So here are some green shamrock and light painting wallpapers so your computer doesn’t feel left out.

Google Notebook Status Bar Hog

If you use the Google Notebook extension for Firefox, you may notice it takes up a lot more space than necessary. I have a number of other extensions that place icons in the status bar so wasting space with useless text bugs me. It would be nice if Google included an option to hide the […]

My New Notebook

If there is anyone reading my blog, you probably were wondering if I got my new notebook on Monday like predicted. I did. I just have been so busy playing with it I couldn’t find time to post. I really like the battery life. It is amazing compared to what I had before. I guess […]

Shipping from Shanghai

Wow, my computer is finally one the way. I guess Gateway either doesn’t update their order status page very well or they put these things together super fast with little testing. Just yesterday it said my order was still being processed. This morning it was on its way from Shanghai, China and has already arrived […]

Waiting Sucks

It has only been three work days since my laptop order, but what is it still doing in “Order Processing?” The estimated arrival date is June 14. If I ordered a Dell today, the shipping date is June 15 with 3-5 Day Delivery. But with Dell, I know systems usually ship much faster than the […]