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Christmas Wallpapers

Here are a few of my photos that I have been using as wallpapers this month.

More Flickr Fun

Flickr is very addictive. Two of my photos made it to Flickr’s Explorer (top 500 highest interestingness) according to Scout and the one below just got blogged on the We Are the Cat site by Terry Bain. Thanks Terry.

A Game of Cat and Mouse

You might notice I have added a flickr badge in the header of my blog (which wasn’t easy). I just got into using flickr yesterday and I am proud to announce I already have a photo that has been viewed over 1000 times and favorited fifteen times and its not even noon yet. This is […]

Spider Web Desktops

Here are a few more desktop wallpapers from photos I took that can be used for Halloween. They were taken early on a really foggy the morning last November when the spider webs were full of dew. My favorite is the one you can see the reflection of the tree upside down in the large […]

Halloween Desktops

I have talked a lot about digital cameras on this blog. Well, here are some shots taken with my Cannon PowerShot S2 IS that I think make great Halloween desktops. I have been using them. They are golden silk (banana) spiders taken in Louisiana. Maybe not the scariest spiders if you are familiar with them, […]

Recover Damaged JPEG files

I am not talking about when you accidentally erased your camera’s memory or it got damaged, there are already plenty of solutions for that. What I want is to fix photos that have somehow been corrupted. In my case, photos of my Grandmother’s 80th birthday were put on a bad CD (not by me). Not […]

Canon PowerShot A540 & S3 IS

My mom has been talking about wanting a camera and it was her birthday so I figured why not kill two birds with one stone. She gets a camera and I get to try out one of the new Canon models. I could easily have gone with a cheaper model, but I found a pretty […]

Photography Stuff

I just read an interesting digital camera story on Wired. It is not the first on this topic I have seen lately. According to this and the other article, camera manufacturers are having to come up with more innovation than just increasing megapixels now that most consumer cameras have reached high enough for most people. […]

Late April Fool’s Stuff

Yesterday I posted of my rabbit photo hunt, just in case anyone actually reads my blog, here is the explanation. For the last few years one of my usual April Fool’s pranks is to find a photo on my victim’s desk, scan it, edit it, and replace the original. This year involved a couple bald […]

Canon Powershot S2 IS

Several months ago I decided it was finally time to buy a good digital camera. I have been wanting a good one for years but was never really happy with the ones anywhere near my price range. Previously the best I had was a 1.2 megapixel “keychain” camera. Anything would be a huge improvement, but […]