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Insect Photography for Identification

Someone asked on Facebook for suggestions for insect photography for identification purposes. I usually try to take more artistic shots, but I take ID shots as well since I want to know what I shot when possible. For the ID shots, shoot from multiple sides, top and sides for sure, underside if possible. Try to […]

Eclipse Camera Damage wrote an article on lenses and cameras ruined by customers shooting the eclipse with no filter. Melted shutters, iris, and sensors. I shot the eclipse through a lens from eclipse glasses which turned out fine this time. I put a cap on the lens between shots to cut down on heat just in case. […]

Google Fi, Voice, and Republic Wireless

I have been using Republic Wireless for a few years and really like the low price. I was coming from Sprint so RW using their network didn’t bother me at all, and I got the benefit of Wi-Fi at home where my signal was sometimes weak. My phone bill is usually around $13 to $15 […]

Update for Redline 2.8.0 WordPress Theme

The theme I use for this blog, Redline, hasn’t been updated in four years. After the latest WordPress update, I didn’t like what my sidebars looked like (I think I just forgot what they looked like before). Plus the narrow the blog text area on my wide screen monitor has been bugging me for years. […]

Weird Keyboard

I found a great deal on a Lenovo Yoga 710 2-in-1 15.6 inch during Best Buy’s “up to” 50% off Clearance sale on Open Box items. I was happy to find a laptop without a number pad. Other than 2-in-1s, that is getting rare for anything but small laptops. It wasn’t until I got home […]

Lightroom Exports Are Too Dark

I just upgraded to Windows 10 and found Lightroom exported my photo much darker than it appeared inside Lightroom. I first thought this was a problem with color spaces (sRGB vs Adobe RGB, etc.). It turned out Windows 10 had recognized my monitor and installed a Color Profile for more optimal image. But I would […]

Computer Support Scam

I know several people who have fallen victim to scam computer support this year. If someone calls you and tells you that they work with Microsoft and your computer is infected, don’t download anything they tell you to. Microsoft does not call people offering help. If you get an official looking popup that says to […]

Deterring Blogspot Content Theft

My friend, BugEric, recently found that his blog’s posts were being stolen and reposted on an unauthorized clone blog. I have dealt with photo theft and it is really upsetting when people take your creative work. My blog wouldn’t be very valuable to steal from, but if you have well written content and post frequently, […]

Venus LOWA 60mm f2.8 Macro Lens and Kuangren KX-800 Twin Flash

When I first heard about the Venus macro lens that can go from infinity focus to 2:1 magnification, I wanted it, but it didn’t seem real and I forgot about it. After I saw Thomas Shahan’s video review and comments by other insect photographers, I ordered it. It is available in several different mounts. I […]

New Flickr Forgot about the Users

Its nice to see they care enough to not just let Flickr wither and die. Problem is they are using poison instead of water. This is not going to bring new users to Flickr, it is going to drive away existing users. The Help forum is full of people announcing they are deleting their accounts. […]