Google Fi, Voice, and Republic Wireless

I have been using Republic Wireless for a few years and really like the low price. I was coming from Sprint so RW using their network didn’t bother me at all, and I got the benefit of Wi-Fi at home where my signal was sometimes weak. My phone bill is usually around $13 to $15 because I use very little data (when away from Wi-Fi) and get credit for what I don’t use. That Refund plan is no longer offered though. Current Republic plans are either on the Sprint network or T-Mobile, but not both (like Google Fi), and would cost at $20 with 1GB of data and no refund for unused data.

With Google Fi, I am paying about $30 because they give you a refund for unused data and I use around 0.5GB a month. Yes, that is more than Republic Wireless, but I wanted the benefit of two networks (Sprint service at the farm sucks). If it doesn’t end up helping, I will go back to Republic Wireless’ new plan. Remember, neither Fi or RW are good if you are a heavy data user and probably can’t compete with a family plan.

If you are a Google Voice user, some of the features of Voice are not available on Fi so do your research. I chose not to give up Voice so am trying out Fi on a different Google account and number. I can still make and receive calls with my Voice number with this phone by signing into Hangouts with my normal account, but it is not convenient and uses data. I have to make calls from the Hangouts app which doesn’t have a contact list. I do not recommend this solution, but it does work. Republic works well with Google Voice.

Anyway, if you want to sign up (while I am still using Fi), you can use this link to get both of a $20 credit after you have been active for 30 days. I got my signup credit on my third bill. Leave me a comment so I know someone used my referral link.

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