Monthly Archives: November, 2006

More Flickr Fun

Flickr is very addictive. Two of my photos made it to Flickr’s Explorer (top 500 highest interestingness) according to Scout and the one below just got blogged on the We Are the Cat site by Terry Bain. Thanks Terry.

A Game of Cat and Mouse

You might notice I have added a flickr badge in the header of my blog (which wasn’t easy). I just got into using flickr yesterday and I am proud to announce I already have a photo that has been viewed over 1000 times and favorited fifteen times and its not even noon yet. This is […]

Google Notebook Status Bar Hog

If you use the Google Notebook extension for Firefox, you may notice it takes up a lot more space than necessary. I have a number of other extensions that place icons in the status bar so wasting space with useless text bugs me. It would be nice if Google included an option to hide the […]

Halloween 2006

My Halloween was really fun. We have been decorating my parents house for Halloween and scaring kids for over 10 years. The reason I know it has been that long is, my mask has been Ghostface since before it was used in Scream in 1996. I always knew I had the mask before it was […]