Monthly Archives: August, 2006

Tivo Finally Got It

My Tivo has been trying to record UFOs: Seeing Is Believing on National Geographic all month. I really liked the show, but I have seen it way too many times since May 2005 when it was new. I cancel it by changing the channel each time I catch Tivo recording it, but apparently Tivo really […]

Snakes On A Plane

The thought of a movie about snakes on a plane was just so stupid I was not going to see this movie. But I gave in Saturday. The reviews of the movie were not nearly as bad as I expected. It is frequently referred to as dumb B-movie summer fun. The idea just kept growing […]

Recover Damaged JPEG files

I am not talking about when you accidentally erased your camera’s memory or it got damaged, there are already plenty of solutions for that. What I want is to fix photos that have somehow been corrupted. In my case, photos of my Grandmother’s 80th birthday were put on a bad CD (not by me). Not […]

Gateway Fishing

I got a call today (Saturday) from Gateway wanting to check to see if I was having any problems with my recent purchace of a Gateway system. I am having trouble with the left mouse button only working half the time, but I didn’t want to get into that at the time, it still kind […]