Monthly Archives: June, 2006

My New Notebook

If there is anyone reading my blog, you probably were wondering if I got my new notebook on Monday like predicted. I did. I just have been so busy playing with it I couldn’t find time to post. I really like the battery life. It is amazing compared to what I had before. I guess […]

Optical Illusion

Links to John Sadowski’s castle illusion seems to be going around all over the place lately. Not to be left out, I have to post a link as well. Really I just don’t want to forget the address, it is such a cool illusion. In one of my classes last year we covered some of […]

Vista Beta 2

I downloaded the public Windows Vista Beta 2 and gave it a try on my year old Athlon 64 desktop. I thought finally I would get to use my CPU to its full potential. It should be pretty fast. It was not. I am sure it is partly due to a lot of debugging code […]

Shipping from Shanghai

Wow, my computer is finally one the way. I guess Gateway either doesn’t update their order status page very well or they put these things together super fast with little testing. Just yesterday it said my order was still being processed. This morning it was on its way from Shanghai, China and has already arrived […]

Waiting Sucks

It has only been three work days since my laptop order, but what is it still doing in “Order Processing?” The estimated arrival date is June 14. If I ordered a Dell today, the shipping date is June 15 with 3-5 Day Delivery. But with Dell, I know systems usually ship much faster than the […]

Laptop Hunt

I have been looking into buying a new laptop. My current one, an HP Pavillion ze4530us isn’t bad, but I need something more powerful. I originally got it on sale site unseen. I was looking for any relatively cheep laptop to replace old Dell (bought used) I had that was physically falling apart. The one […]