Monthly Archives: May, 2006

Canon PowerShot A540 & S3 IS

My mom has been talking about wanting a camera and it was her birthday so I figured why not kill two birds with one stone. She gets a camera and I get to try out one of the new Canon models. I could easily have gone with a cheaper model, but I found a pretty […]

Font Matching

I have been doing some more graphic editing. This time placing my cousin’s face in the poster for one of her favorite old movies. To go a bit further, I then started looking for the font used so I could match it and add her name. The first place I tried was Identifont, there you […]

Photography Stuff

I just read an interesting digital camera story on Wired. It is not the first on this topic I have seen lately. According to this and the other article, camera manufacturers are having to come up with more innovation than just increasing megapixels now that most consumer cameras have reached high enough for most people. […]