High Resolution Gaming

plastk:net is a blog run by a guy researching multi-monitor game interfaces and notification systems. Looks like a lot of fun. He currently has Quake 3 going on 24 monitors at a resolution of 10240×3072.

Even if you aren’t a gamer, that would be awesome to play. I play games some, but usually suck. My brother though plays games pretty much 24/7. He probably won’t see this post because he never reads his email and doesn’t even know this blog exists. The best way to contact him lately is in game. It is very satisfying to kill him but pretty rare. I am just happy when I can keep the ratio of kills to about 1:5 against me.

My brother’s latest addiction is Warcraft though and I don’t play that so even finding him online isn’t that easy anymore. I liked Ultima IV for the NES many years ago which has some similarities, but have not played Warcraft. No way I would be able to kill him in it anyway so not as much incentive.

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