Gentoo Upgrade

In my earlier post I talked about all kinds of Operating System stuff. One of those being my Gentoo upgrade. On one hand, upgrading Gentoo is really simple. You just emerge -U world. But then you get the notice at the end that there are some config files that need updating. That is where it becomes annoying. Handling actual changes I am fine with. I would kind of rather do it myself than have an automated upgrade go bad. But when the only difference between the files is the Gentoo file info header comments, why do I need to get involved? I had about 150 ._cfg0000_* files to go through. Many of those were only different in their header comments. And most of the other files I had never modified either. Is there a simple way to deal with this I just don’t know about?

Update: Well, turns out there is a simple way to do it. Sam just told me about etc-update and dispatch-conf. I am still compiling KDE 3.5 so will give them a shot when that finishes sometime soon I hope. It would be nice if the emerge message that tells you about updating the files gave you some hint these tools existed.

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